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On June 11, Georgia saw a single-day increase in Covid-19 cases of more than 26 percent. The increase in cases isn’t surprising to Edward Aguilar, Shourya Seth, and Manu Suresh, juniors in high school in a suburb of Atlanta. They’ve been busy after school, building software to get PPE to hospitals that needed it.


Edward Aguilar has a network of hundreds of drivers under his command, but when he commutes to work in the morning, he travels by skateboard. Aguilar is the CEO of Paralink, a charitable organization that has become a significant supplier of protective gear to hospitals in Atlanta. He is also 16 years old. He doesn’t have a driver’s license yet.

North Fulton

hat started out as a simple venture into food delivery for a group of Alpharetta High School students has quickly ballooned into a vital service delivery life-saving equipment for local hospitals. The service, Pluto Delivery, is entirely run by local high school students and has donated tens of thousands of personal protective equipment to healthcare workers. 


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While working on the launch of their core business, the coronavirus pandemic hit. Pluto’s founders saw an opportunity to contribute to the community, thanks to their growing driver network:  they started picking up donated medical supplies for delivery to hospitals and other healthcare providers. In only two weeks, they have delivered over 3,000 PPE’s (personal protective equipment) to hospitals across Atlanta.


So some high school seniors in Atlanta have tackled the problem: Shourya Seth, Chief Operating Officer for grassroots organization Project Paralink, explains how his group of friends have managed to produce, distribute, and donate more than 390,000 units of PPE to health workers at more than 1,500 locations, with the help of some corporate support and more than 1,000 volunteers, in what they describe as ‘decentralization for social good’ and ‘localized disaster relief.’ 


NPR’s Leila Fadel speaks with Edward Aguilar, high school student and founder of the nonprofit Paralink, which set up a supply chain of volunteers making PPE equipment for hospitals in the U.S.



At around 6pm on April 17, 2020 a short segment featuring Shourya Seth and Edward Aguilar (Noah Valens) talking about Pluto LLC (Project Paralink) was featured on WSB-TV in Atlanta.