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Colombian Fajas

A faja colombiana is a shapewear garment that provides compression to the body. These girdles and waist trainers can be used to accentuate curves, flatten the abdomen and slim the waistline. They are also popular to use post surgery and for everyday wear. Unlike Spanx or other shapewear that are made of nylon or spandex, fajas are mainly made of cotton and lycra. They also offer more compression which gives them more of a “tight” look.

These Columbian fajas garments have been known to reduce muscle fatigue after exercise, increase blood flow to muscles and joints, and help to firm the stomach area. They have become a popular choice for many people to help them achieve the body shape they desire and have even been known to help with weight loss.

Colombian fajas are available in different styles to fit a variety of needs. For example, you can choose from a waist cincher or a full body shaper depending on your goals and the areas you want to target. Similarly, there are different sizes to accommodate all shapes and sizes of bodies.

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Fajas colombianas are designed for use by women and men of all ages. They can be worn under any outfit, including workwear and activewear. Some fajas are even made to be used while exercising as they can be more effective at burning fat during workouts due to their increased compression. However, you should always listen to your body and remove the fajas if you feel any discomfort or pain.

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