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Glenbrook Dodge Used CarsGlenbrook Dodge Used Cars

Located in the vibrant city of Fort Wayne, Glenbrook Dodge Used Cars  is a legacy dealership with an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality pre-owned vehicles and excellent customer service. Each of their used vehicles goes through a comprehensive inspection and reconditioning process. From inspecting the engine to checking the interiors and exteriors, they make sure that every aspect of the vehicle is in top shape.

Moreover, they provide financing solutions to suit every budget. They work with various banks and financial institutions to get you the best loan. They also offer competitive prices for their used cars and trucks. They have a dedicated team of experts who can take care of all your needs, whether you’re looking for a pre-owned car or truck, finance, maintenance or collision repair.

Finding Your Perfect Match: Glenbrook Dodge Used Cars

In addition, they are deeply connected with the community and support numerous charitable organizations. They believe that it’s their responsibility to give back and help the residents of the community with everything they can. They also participate in various events and activities, which gives them the opportunity to know the community better. As a result, the customers of Glenbrook Dodge Used Cars trust them with their vehicle purchases. They are known for their clean showrooms and organized lot, which makes shopping a pleasant experience. They have a vast inventory of trucks and SUVs from major brands at affordable prices.

What You Need to Know About Buying the Cheapest Used Electric CarWhat You Need to Know About Buying the Cheapest Used Electric Car

The cheapest used electric car will still run you about $25,000, but it’s an affordable way to get into the green automotive game. With manufacturers like Ford, GM and Honda all investing heavily in electrification, the 2021 model year will likely inject the used market with EVs that can compete with gas-powered vehicles in the sub-25K price range.

Aside from wiper blades and tires, EVs generally require less regular maintenance than their gasoline counterparts. So as EVs continue to make the transition from early adopter to mainstream, finding one in great condition will be easier than ever before. As such, the resale market for these cars will continue to improve as time goes by.

But for now, here’s what you need to know about buying the cheapest used electric car.

1. Kia Soul EV

While the EV version of this no-frills economy car was short-lived, you’ll be able to find some from the late 2010s on the used market for under $15,000 and sometimes even closer to $10,000. For that price, you’ll get a small, efficient crossover with smartphone connectivity and cutting-edge safety tech.

2. Nissan Leaf

As EVs have become more popular, dealerships and private sellers have had trouble keeping up with demand. As a result, you can often find 2017 Leafs on the market at a steep discount. These cars offer excellent range (107 miles with the 30 kWh battery pack) and, unlike newer models, haven’t been subject to significant battery degradation over the years.