How have Atlanta-based organizations helped local frontline workers?

Written by: Akhila Thirumala - Co. Paralink

June 29, 2020


Paralink is a network of manufacturers, delivery personnel, and donors fixated on one mission: to replace FEMA and be the first line of defense against domestic threats and disasters. To do this, Paralink is building the world’s fastest and most decentralized network of small scale creators that allow us to rapidly produce millions of life-saving items in a fraction of the time it used to take. It allows us to rapidly produce millions of life-saving relief supplies in a fraction of time it used to take. Paralink keeps these supplies stored within “ParaPods”, or a vault of relief items which can be drawn upon by local governments in times of disaster. So far, Paralink has over two-hundred thousand deliveries all over the Atlanta area and South Georgia consisting of face shields, face masks, gloves, and intubation chambers. 


Atlanta Beats Covid (ABC) 

Atlanta Beats Covid, a non-profit organization, is one of many local business partners of Paralink. The organization is built around the shared interest in helping Atlanta citizens through volunteer projects. The community ABC has fostered a way for innovative individuals who love to create, invent, and collaborate to showcase their skills by putting it to a positive use. The community is split into groups including healthcare workers, engineers, seamsters/seamstresses, makers/artisans, managers, and teachable “minions.” ABC’s goal is to keep Atlanta healthcare workers and other vital and vulnerable community members safe. Some of the products ABC offers includes everything from face shields to reusable respirators. ABC has delivered around twenty-two thousand personalized protective equipment (PPE).


An example of Paralink’s national partner is the non-profit organization called GetUsPPE. Although they are a national organization, many of their efforts are directly beneficial to Atlanta. Their current focus is to prepare America for the inevitable second wave of COVID-19. Their program is getting volunteers to call into healthcare facilities to find out their current PPE needs. By collecting this data, the organization can easily identify which facility needs immediate attention. GetUsPPE has delivered over one million PPE to healthcare facilities nationwide. Atlanta Beats Covid and GetUsPPE are regional affiliates. Together, they have been producing and delivering various PPE all over the Atlanta community. GetUsPPE has delivered over one million PPE to healthcare facilities nationwide.